Audio: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Zombamafoo Remix Ft Lil Uzi Vert

Hoodwolf, Atlanta rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan and producer Danny Wolf’s recent collaborative tape, the former pays homage to the show on standout track “Zambamafoo” with his own special twist: “I’m dressing like I was Zombamafoo Got lions and snakes on my Gucci shoes.”, If you’re a #90sKid, you might remember Zooboomafoo, the PBS show starring a cute lemur by the same name, who’d introduce kids to an array of animal friends with the help of the show’s co-starring brothers Martin and Chris Kratt.
“B.M.F” record with Madeintyo a couple weeks ago, ATL rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan decides to come through today & share an upgraded version of his Hoodwolf intro “Zoboomafoo” now featuring Lil Uzi Vert on it.Over the Danny Wolf-produced beat, the Philly rockstar boasts about designer wear, icy jewelry & bagging bitches among other things, before the ATL native comes in & raps about his hustlin‘ ways in the process.“The song had came about with Uzi and Pablo already working with each other,” Wolf said about the track. “A couple studio sessions later you get the ‘Zombamafoo’ remix.“.



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