Asa Talks On Better Ways To Resolve Conflict 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

It’s Wednesday , and that immaculate day where everybody is discussing or adulating the lady or ladies they regard in various strolls of life. Today on Vimtertainment, we have chosen to discuss Asa and reveal to you 5 or perhaps more , about this French based Nigerian developed artist musician .
Asa has uncovered in one of her meetings with KCRW Music appear on ABC Radio , that music is not only an expressive device for her , but rather it is likewise a methods for correspondence and strife determination . Gee ! Clarifying further , she discussed how music was an instrument to settling debate for her as she generally utilizes it with her companion while growing up . She uncovered that since her companion was greater than her, battling or yelling back was not by any stretch of the imagination a decent alternative as it doesn ’t make any head’s way , however music ? It works like enchantment and resolves clashes for her .
This aptitude as per her incapacitated her companion , and keeping in mind that we think it is a superior approach to determine clashes, we additionally realize that not everyone can sing like Asa, in light of the fact that a few people’s endeavor to sing , may bring about another issue aside the one that is uncertain .
In this same interview , Asa revealed that ;
1 . she grew up in Lasgidi . Yes, the same Lagos you know … Eko O ni Baje o . She grew up in Festac town and according to her, and she grew up trained to be ready but now she lives between Lagos and Paris
2 . Asa knew she wanted to sing at the age of 5 …Errmm… well that was what she said until the interviewer asked her again and she said she had no idea but saying 5 makes it sound really sweet … Lol . Anyways , the award winning soul singer said her parents told her she started singing early , but truthfully she doesn ’t remember the exact age… but how cool does 5 sound?
3 . As a child , Asa listened to legends such as Marvin Gaye , Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, James Brown , Aretha Franklin and so on , these great music legends influenced her style as she admitted that she picked something from them all to create something beautiful that we all love and dance to.
4 . Music is her weapon to fighting social issues which is why she sings more protest songs such as Jailer, fire on the mountain etc .
5 . Asa wrote Jailer when she was 18 – 19 years , and the song was inspired by a real life experience of her signing a contract that turned out to be bad for her and when she decided to leave , they wont let her go , rather they made her life hell . She felt oppressed and needed to break out , hence “ Jailer”
6 . She sings in her language because she wants because to be curious enough to want to know about her mother tongue , Yoruba . Isn ’t that thoughtful … Well , Asa seems like a really thought – FULL person … and that is a bonus as we were supposed to let you in on just 5 .
So that ’ s all we ’re telling you this week about Asa, do check vimtertainmentblog for more tracks of Asa and enjoy !

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